Friday, September 27, 2002

happy birthday critical mass! i haven't seen anything like it here...and i don't think i ever will!

so we're just waiting for the remnants of isadore to arrive and dump what's supposed to be up to 3 inches of rain on us between now and tomorrow morning. yes, it's nothing like what new orleans and parts of the floriday pan handle got in the last few days, but 3 inches is nothing to sneeze at! esp. since we've hardly had any rain lately and all spring and summer people were using the 'd' word (drought).

Thursday, September 26, 2002

it gets better: according to this story on yahoo!, snoop doggy dog will be playing huggy bear in the 'starsky and hutch' remake...

for 'friends' fans from the most recent issue of the new yorker: the college of matthew perry

i can't wait for this one: according to's nothing personal, owen wilson and ben stiller are going to be starring in a movie version of 'starsky and hutch'. if you haven't seen them in 'zoolander', rent it this weekend. i warn you though, you be singing 'wake me up before you go-go' for a few days afterwards, but it's worth it.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

bored with using comic sans? papyrus? verdana? want a new look? get some new fonts!

i gotta think of a different name than 'my rant page'. it makes me sound angry, and i'm really not!

brian's hockey season starts this week and that means that at least once a week, i can rent a girly 'brain candy' video without hearing form him about how dumb it is. sometimes, you just need to be entertained while using a few brain cells as possible. any one out there agree with me? examples from last fall/winter: charlies angels, legally blond, sex in the city episodes, etc.

a collection of links from various sources:
joey's favorite website? why it's the sandwich project, of course!

help raise money for spinal cord research by sending christopher reeve a birthday card.

tell your friends and neighbors: the breast cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. it takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on "fund free mammograms" for free-the pink window in the middle. there is nothing to sign up for and no cost to you. the corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate a mammogram in exchange for advertising.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

i think my po' kitty is losing it. he forgets that he's had his wet food 'dinner' about 10 minutes after he has eaten. he thinks he's entitled to eat anything that is on the counter or table, and when we squirt him a few times with water to get him away, he will forget it's happened a little while later and go back for more. he's been through so much this past year-traveling across the country in a big noisy scary airplane, having to play second fiddle to a baby who is now interested in pulling fur and limbs, and not getting to sleep with us (very often) because of brian's allergies. i feel so guilty about it all, that it takes me away form giving him lots of loving! but the other side of the story is that he's coming up on 15 years old, which is getting way up there for a cat and he's probably entitled to a little feline senility now and then. it's going to be a really rough day for me when he goes to the scratching post in the sky. i mean before rory (and brian), he was my baby for a long LONG time!

Monday, September 23, 2002

after a hot and muggy weekend, we're headed into REAL fall weather in a few during the day and getting colder at night. those falls colors should really start to burst now! and, amazingly, i'm actually looking forward to snow and winter, especially since i felt like i got cheated out of a good winter last year. The Button should be walking around december and it will be sooooo fun to watch her (try to) frolic in the snow!

as usual this weekend, i did not get everything done that i wanted to...oh well. i'm not sure why i kid myself into thinking i can get one or two projects done. having to keep an eye on rory takes up most of the day. (of course she hasn't been the best napper lately, and that's a problem in getting things done) brian and i have worked out a system where we each get to have a portion of the day to do whatever we need to get done while the other person watches her, but it never seems to be enough time. i'm not sure i'll ever be able to get the garden pruned and weeded and ready for winter, let alone plant all the tulip bulbs i bought at the grocery store this weekend before the ground freezes...

congratulations to jen! she finished the maui marathon this weekend! yeehah!

more new wave tunes on the car cd player for my 10 minute commute across the river: look of love (ABC), my ever changing moods (the style council), blue hotel (chirs isaak-sigh), and superman (rem)

mindful monday time killer: sand art

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

you know you wanna look. people magazine's worst dressed celebs.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

remember in your own way.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

fun links from hipclicks: the onion av club ratings of the comments on dvd's of movies that didn't do too well at the box office and nine things i hate about jimmy fallon

Monday, September 09, 2002

going to NYC anytime soon? if so, it pays to learn the code of the subway cars.

another weird east coast/west coast thing: the primary elections take place tomorrow. in CA, by now, we would have filled our mixed paper recycling bin with election parapenalia, not to mention be sick to DEATH of political ads on tv. here, we found out last week that election day was this week. we haven't even seen a sample ballot for god's sake. and we're supposed to be voting on some important offices here-govenor, state treasurer, etc. gotta do some research tonight

dartmouth students may be amoung the most intelligent around, but i can tell you from experience, that doesn't mean they know how to cross the street on a green light. i think they sign an oath when they are admitted promising to jaywalk and cross on red lights.

Saturday, September 07, 2002

proof that janene garafolo is one of the funniest women around-her comment about fashion at the MTV video awards: "if the pants were any lower, they'd be folded up in the drawer at home"

Friday, September 06, 2002

sleep is evading me. all due to one tiny tooth that is just emerging from rory's bottow jaw and gumline. we were doing soooooo well for soooooo long in the sleep department. now new parent karma is catching up with me for marveling at what an easy baby she is. curses.

i just read someone's account of a recent dinner at culinary nirvana-the french laundry in yountville, ca. i had dinner there once and it was so good, i can't even describe it. i had always wanted to go there, but probably never would have gone had a friend not given brian and i a gift certificate for our engagement. without giving away any numbers, it was a generous gift certificate and we spent more than its value. it was kind of an obscene amount of money to spend on one dinner for 2 people and i felt quite guilty about it later, but the experience was well worth it. so if you ever inherit some cash or win the lottery and want an exceptional dinner, go to the french laundry and eat your little brains out. and if you only plan to go there once in your life, don't mess around-get the 9 course chef's tasting menu. plan on spending some time there to enjoy your meal and don't rush-we took 4, yes FOUR, hours to have dinner there.

Thursday, September 05, 2002

i'm in an old music phase right now. it happened without warning. i just happened to pick out an old elvis costello cd and an old talking heads cd to bring to work yesterday, then i heard 'kiss off' by the violent femmes on the radio and now i can't get enough of that 'new wave' music.
bonus: i managed to plant violent femmes songs in joanna and sarah's heads for the afternoon. sarah tried to counter with the 'anti-song' ('9 to 5' by dolly parton) but i don't think it worked. [insert your own evil sounding laugh here]
now i'm fighting the urge to go onto amazon and spend money i don't have on a bunch of old stuff that i own on vinyl or cassette but not cd. plus i want to get some old hip hop and rap too. am i trying to re-live something here? prove i'm 'cool' even though i'm 37?