Tuesday, August 05, 2008

by the numbers

400+: # of shots on the camera's 2 memory cards when we got back to vt (which are actually now on the computer, YAY!)
3: # of hours sleep i got last night
101.9: alix's temperature this morning (hence, the 2nd stat)
102.6: alix's temperature this afternoon
2: # of days before we go to maine for amber's wedding
5: # of days before we host a british soccer camp coach for a week.
infinity: amount of crap i need to pick up, put away, or throw out
8: # of years brian and i have been married as of today (so we're going out to dindin tonight if the 3rd and 4th numbers do not prevent us from going)

hope to post pictures from california and maine before school starts at the end of the month, but don't time me, okay? i don't need the pressure. i get enough from the grandparents about photos!