Monday, September 09, 2002

going to NYC anytime soon? if so, it pays to learn the code of the subway cars.

another weird east coast/west coast thing: the primary elections take place tomorrow. in CA, by now, we would have filled our mixed paper recycling bin with election parapenalia, not to mention be sick to DEATH of political ads on tv. here, we found out last week that election day was this week. we haven't even seen a sample ballot for god's sake. and we're supposed to be voting on some important offices here-govenor, state treasurer, etc. gotta do some research tonight

dartmouth students may be amoung the most intelligent around, but i can tell you from experience, that doesn't mean they know how to cross the street on a green light. i think they sign an oath when they are admitted promising to jaywalk and cross on red lights.


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