Monday, September 23, 2002

after a hot and muggy weekend, we're headed into REAL fall weather in a few during the day and getting colder at night. those falls colors should really start to burst now! and, amazingly, i'm actually looking forward to snow and winter, especially since i felt like i got cheated out of a good winter last year. The Button should be walking around december and it will be sooooo fun to watch her (try to) frolic in the snow!

as usual this weekend, i did not get everything done that i wanted to...oh well. i'm not sure why i kid myself into thinking i can get one or two projects done. having to keep an eye on rory takes up most of the day. (of course she hasn't been the best napper lately, and that's a problem in getting things done) brian and i have worked out a system where we each get to have a portion of the day to do whatever we need to get done while the other person watches her, but it never seems to be enough time. i'm not sure i'll ever be able to get the garden pruned and weeded and ready for winter, let alone plant all the tulip bulbs i bought at the grocery store this weekend before the ground freezes...

congratulations to jen! she finished the maui marathon this weekend! yeehah!

more new wave tunes on the car cd player for my 10 minute commute across the river: look of love (ABC), my ever changing moods (the style council), blue hotel (chirs isaak-sigh), and superman (rem)

mindful monday time killer: sand art


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