Saturday, August 31, 2002

via a friend of a friend of a friend: check this out. the whole thing is too funny for words...i'll let it speak for itself.
so yes, i had the day off yesterday, but i did soooo much, i wasn't on the computer at all. slept late (thanks to brian who took The Button downstairs at 5AM so i could get some more sleep), went grocery shopping, took The Button by day care for a visit (she starts on the 10th), and went shopping for a maple tree. oh and a 3 mile run. phew. maybe i need a nap today...

Thursday, August 29, 2002

welcome to the world baby girl: anna lauren madden arrived yesterday at 2:27 AM, a mere 7 minutes after her mother arrived at the hospital. weighing in at 7 1/2 lbs and 18 inches, she is a compact little peanut (i know-i got to hold her about an hour ago!). congratulations to tara, colin and meredith (now the BIG sister!)
i've got the day off tomorrow, so more later...

Friday, August 23, 2002

a couple of links for those moments when your mind wanders at work on friday afternoon:
ever wonder how to find your favorite stars in hotels? read this story about cover names that famous folks use when staying at hotels. via hipclicks
from sarah, and i quote: "One for the "WHY WHY WHY do we need a website for this" awards." stop the sores

Monday, August 19, 2002

i watched my share of brain candy last week when i was sick in bed for a day. and sometimes even that didn't alleviate my boredom. but the HILARIOUS thing that i did watch was an episode of 'making the video' on mtv. they chronicled the making of the video of 'idiot boyfriend' by jimmy fallon of snl fame. the song is nothing special, but in his video he spoofs a bunch of 80s videos. the best one by far is the send up of bobby brown's 'every little step'. jimmy's dancing around just like bobby did in the video, wearing bicycle pants that say 'jimmy' down the side, and even has the sideswept hair style. it's too damn funny. the only problem is that i was singing 'every little step' to myself (and rory sometimes) for 2 days afterwards. it made me want to dig out the dance tapes i made for summer camp dances in the 80s so i could dance around to that song and other great new wave music, but then i remembered-oh yeah, i think they are still at my parents house in palo alto. darn it!
monday morning amusement: when i was just looking up the snl link for your browsing pleasure, i typed 'saturday night lice' into search. didn't get half the interesting sites i was hoping for, but the phrase itself is worth a laugh or two.
by the way, did you know that rachel dratch from snl went to dartmouth?
happy beginning of the week...

Thursday, August 15, 2002

home sick today from work, so not much of interest to write. more when i check back into life...

Monday, August 12, 2002

so i checked out the paly high alumni website last week and found that a group is getting together to plan the 20th reunion of the class of 1983. that's TWENTY years. if it's been 20 years (nearly) since i graduated from high school, how come i feel so young? it's a little bit frightening. i hope to be able to go back to PA next year for the reunion, to see people that were good friends in high school (who i still think about but have little or no contact with now), and also the 10-12 people who i attended school with from kindergarten through 12th grade. that was definitely the most interesting/fun part of the 10 year reunion.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

i've been bringing cd's to work lately to listen to music while i drone like a little worker bee. i've been listening to a lot of older stuff that has been collecting dust in the cd drawer and i just have to tell you, if you haven't heard maria mckee, you are really missing something. i haven't heard anything she's done lately, but she was in a band called lone justice in the 80s that put out a couple of GREAT cds. also, she has a wonderfully twangy duet with dwight yokam on his 'guitars, cadillacs, etc' album.

a couple of special events today...
it's gary's birthday! whooppeeeeee!!! (the card is in the mail big guy)
it's also sam's birthday...he is two fingers old and recently became a big brother. YEE HA!

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

one thing i will not get used to about living on the east coast: monday night football starts at 9 pm. that's 9 at night. not that i'm a huge football fan or anything, it's just that after 35+ years of co-workers leaving work early on mondays to go home to watch football, it's a little bizarre to turn on the tv at 10 pm and find they are not even at halftime yet.
one thing i will not get used to about living in new england: there are too many damn bugs out here. and a lot of them bite. it's enough to drive you crazy.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

in case you're interested, the united states canoe association is holding their national championships here in the connecticut river upper valley this week. what that really means for us upper valley residents is SUV's with roof racks all over the place!

Monday, August 05, 2002

will this day EVER be over? today is a total monday and i'm ready to go home and kick it with a glass of wine even if it's only 1pm.

yo baby yo baby yo!