Wednesday, September 24, 2003

i still FEEL 25, even tho i'm 38

so my 20th high school reunion was last weekend. i didn't go, having been to CA in august, i couldn't really go again for a weekend a month later because we're not (yet) independently wealthy.

in any case, they sent out a roster of what folks are up to, where they live, how many kids they have, etc. it was amazing to me that there are a fair number of folks who turned out to be doctors, lawyers and college professors. i guess it's not all that surprising, palo alto high school is considered an academically tough high school. there were also lots of folks who became fulltime moms or dads-RIGHT ON! how they manage to do that and live in the bay area is a puzzler to me.

i'm actually kinda bummed that i missed the reunion because there are about a dozen people with whom i went from kindergarten all the way through high school and i would have liked to have touched base with them. oh well-maybe at the 25th or 30th...

and the results are in...

wanna know what the world's most phallic building is?

check out the other accolades as well-they're pretty funny!

the advantages of living in NYC

special snapple flavors for new york

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

emily post would never approve

since i can't seem to get a thank you card out to save my life this summer, i'd like to acknowledge the generosity of jane and sarah, who sent me jane's copy of mastering the art of french cooking that they might have otherwise made a few bucks on at their garage sale.

i've already tried a few recipes and they were scrump-dilli-icious! and easier than i expected.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

moral reserve note

i'm sorry, but how could i NOT post this?

Monday, September 15, 2003

opus is coming, opus is coming!

thank god-one of the 3 funniest comic strips is returning (kind of). opus the penguin will get his very own sunday strip starting in november.

now we just have to work on the far side and calvin and hobbes


so i got my hair cut last thursday. even tho i've been trying to grow my hair out, i've been let down by a series of pretty crappy haircuts, and i was feeling the need for a change. so anyway, i got a bunch of it lopped off. while my hair is not winnona ryder or sharon stone short, it is a cute little bob kind of deal, not much longer than my chin. it's shorter than i wanted, but hey, i was bored with the long hair and was looking for a change, so i can't really say much.

but here's the kicker: i probably got 3-4 inches cut off my hair and only a few people have noticed. not that i expect everyone to notice and/or comment, but it seemed to be a pretty significant change to me-at least worth a 'hey, you got your haircut!' courtesy line, even if they didn't like it.

the upside: my hair is showing more curl/wave now that there's less of it-hooray!

Monday, September 08, 2003

the best burger i have ever eaten in my life, and i made it myself!

i am making myself hungry by thinking way too much about the burgers i made last night for dinner. quite by accident, they turned out to be a sort of gourmet affair that was too yummy for words. i'll try to descibe it anyway.

mixed with the ground beef before cooking was celery salt, black pepper, thyme, a blob of cheap bbq sauce, a dash of worchestershire sauce, and smushed garlic cloves. all that was then mixed and formed into patties and cooked over kosher salt in a pan on the stove.

once on the plate, the burgers were topped with horseradish chevre (yes, that's right, horseradish chevre), roasted red and yellow bell peppers and grilled onions.

holy smokes, it was good. you'd almost think that that many different tastes would be too much to handle all at once, but i'm here to tell you it was deeee-lectable. come on over, i'd be happy to make more!

Thursday, September 04, 2003

can you keep a secret?

streisand and fox news (aka bill o'reilly) need to learn a thing or two about publicity

al franken was on fresh air yesterday talking about the lawsuit. the whole thing was really laughable, as i believe i may have said before. he said when he wrote his book , 'rush limbaugh is a big fat idiot', he sent rush limbaugh an advanced copy and asked if he would mention it on the show. rush limbaugh, very wisely, did nothing and therefore did not help in getting al franken a whole bunch of free publicity. bill o'reilly apparently needs to learn about that ignoring technique.