Tuesday, September 24, 2002

i think my po' kitty is losing it. he forgets that he's had his wet food 'dinner' about 10 minutes after he has eaten. he thinks he's entitled to eat anything that is on the counter or table, and when we squirt him a few times with water to get him away, he will forget it's happened a little while later and go back for more. he's been through so much this past year-traveling across the country in a big noisy scary airplane, having to play second fiddle to a baby who is now interested in pulling fur and limbs, and not getting to sleep with us (very often) because of brian's allergies. i feel so guilty about it all, that it takes me away form giving him lots of loving! but the other side of the story is that he's coming up on 15 years old, which is getting way up there for a cat and he's probably entitled to a little feline senility now and then. it's going to be a really rough day for me when he goes to the scratching post in the sky. i mean before rory (and brian), he was my baby for a long LONG time!


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