Friday, September 06, 2002

sleep is evading me. all due to one tiny tooth that is just emerging from rory's bottow jaw and gumline. we were doing soooooo well for soooooo long in the sleep department. now new parent karma is catching up with me for marveling at what an easy baby she is. curses.

i just read someone's account of a recent dinner at culinary nirvana-the french laundry in yountville, ca. i had dinner there once and it was so good, i can't even describe it. i had always wanted to go there, but probably never would have gone had a friend not given brian and i a gift certificate for our engagement. without giving away any numbers, it was a generous gift certificate and we spent more than its value. it was kind of an obscene amount of money to spend on one dinner for 2 people and i felt quite guilty about it later, but the experience was well worth it. so if you ever inherit some cash or win the lottery and want an exceptional dinner, go to the french laundry and eat your little brains out. and if you only plan to go there once in your life, don't mess around-get the 9 course chef's tasting menu. plan on spending some time there to enjoy your meal and don't rush-we took 4, yes FOUR, hours to have dinner there.


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