Thursday, August 24, 2006

the queen of multitasking

so today the girls are home with me because the staff at daycare is getting ready for the new "school" year which starts next week. i should get a fucking medal for multitasking.

today i am or have simultaneously harvested all our basil plants (16 of them) and made them into pesto, watched 2 little girls run aournd the house or backyard, been coordinating travel to kosovo for 8 people so the trips can be finalized before i go on vacation, and picking up crap around the house. i still have to vacuum and make pesto lasagne for dinner because our housesitter is coming over to check everything out. altho the house won't be spotless, i do need to clean up the pesto making mess for sure. oh, and maybe i should take a shower too?

it's going to be really hard to get everything done that i want to be done before we leave for france without developing a serious caffeine (or other upper) habit.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

my very own sock yarn!

hey look at this cool sock yarn. the one in the middle? the one called gimlet? that's mine. mine mine MINE! i "created" it.

okay, well, what really happened was that i exchanged a few e-mails with scout to tell her about my idea for gimlet colored sock yarn and then, by god, she went and made it! i actually had the idea when i was admiring the amazing pale yellow green color of my friday night cocktail and she had a post on tuesday about creating colorways and the rest is history.

and it's mine all mine! of course, if you want some, you can get it from her too. but the first edition skein is for ME!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

it's like crack

yesterday i had a ton of laundry to fold. i often watch a dvd while i'm folding to pass the time (MUST MULTI TASK AT ALL TIMES) so i checked the first season of six feet under out from the library.

people, i stayed up until ONE AM watching the first disk (just shy of 4 hours). when i was done folding laundry, i got my knitting and finished up the last episode because i couldn't bear not to.

i can't wait to get home and watch a little more tonight...i'm sure i can find some more laundry to fold-those piles are endless in our house.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

holy shit

yeah, it's been a long time. believe me when i say, my life has been up and down and sideways and around in the past few weeks. and i can't honestly say when i'll resume regular posting.

heat and humidity have done in my get up and go attitude to try and get things done. the house is a frickin' pit right now. the bills are all a little late. the garden needs weeding and the tomatoes need staking.

then there is this cold virus that i can't seem to shake. i mean seriously, i haven't felt this sick in a long time now. i almost cried out of sheer i-feel-so-shitty-right-now frustration when i was at the grocery store today (stocking up on i-feel-sick comfort foods. hey rory! chocolate pudding for dinner tonight!).

also, i got my hair cut short and i'm not so sure it was such a good idea.