Thursday, September 05, 2002

i'm in an old music phase right now. it happened without warning. i just happened to pick out an old elvis costello cd and an old talking heads cd to bring to work yesterday, then i heard 'kiss off' by the violent femmes on the radio and now i can't get enough of that 'new wave' music.
bonus: i managed to plant violent femmes songs in joanna and sarah's heads for the afternoon. sarah tried to counter with the 'anti-song' ('9 to 5' by dolly parton) but i don't think it worked. [insert your own evil sounding laugh here]
now i'm fighting the urge to go onto amazon and spend money i don't have on a bunch of old stuff that i own on vinyl or cassette but not cd. plus i want to get some old hip hop and rap too. am i trying to re-live something here? prove i'm 'cool' even though i'm 37?


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