Wednesday, July 30, 2003

bobby pins are the new black

ever since reading this article about carrie bradshaw's hairstyle on a recent episode of sex in the city, i've been DYING to see what it looks like. but i can't find any pictures of it anywhere. darn it. it makes me think manhattan-thirty-something-professional women=sheep.

and don't even get me started about the trucker hat fad.

bobble bobble bobble

this sounds like a great night at the ballpark. if i went, i think i would donate my bobble-head doll to the citylights bookstore in SF. it just seems right.

Monday, July 28, 2003

they said it wouldn't last

and it didn't.

when i saw picture of david gest and liza minelli a little over a year ago (or maybe more) in vanity fair, the whole thing just looked so fake. she looks like a real (if cartoonish), somewhat wacky, person; he looks like a plastic mannequin. it's quite possible that he may actually wear more makeup than liza does, which seems like it would be no easy feat.

the best quote about this whole thing can be attributed to jack osborne: "[David Gest] is a f-in' psycho. You know his deal, right? He was the biggest Judy Garland memorabilia collector. And then he gets the daughter. He gets the biggest prize out of the lot."

Friday, July 25, 2003

perfect answer

courtesy of CNN: At a recent news conference, Paris Hilton tried to dispel the rap on her that she is "just a party girl" by explaining: "Actually, I'm recording an album right now and I'm doing films and I have a jewelry line and a purse line. So I do a lot."

dear dairy

grils: remember those diaries you got when you were little? the cover was really girlie and had flowers or kittens on it or something like that? and it had the dates at the top of each page and a lock with a key? what if you scanned the (few) pages you wrote on and had your friends read it? and you recorded their voices and you posted it on the internet? well, amy did that. go check it out right now. you won't regret it, i promise.

i had one of those little diaries. i remember the ONE thing i wrote in it was: 'i got the chicken pox and i won't get them again'. i still have that one page torn from the diary.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

this is a 'must listen'

today on fresh aire on NPR terry gross will be interviewing v. gene robinson, the openly gay bishop-elect or new hampshire. next week at the national general episcopal convention, they will decide if he actually will take office by voting for or against approving him for the office. i, for one, hope that people can put aside their fears and vote for him as a person and preist, and not as 'the gay bishop'. it really frustrates me to hear people call themselves christian, and yet damn people based on sexual orientation, skin color, abortion stance, or whatever. if going to church has taught me anything, it's taught me to accept people, despite differences, and more importantly, the golden rule: to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Monday, July 21, 2003

on death and dying

okay, so i usually don't pontificate too much on this blog, but this weekend i've been doing a lot of thinking about having to personally deal with the death of a friend, and since this is my blog, i'm doing it here rather than the family blog.

our good friend john will very likely not live out the week. we dropped by on friday to take their family some dinner and talked with lisa (his wife) for a little while, then went into the living room to give john a kiss. he was still talking at that point, but sounding a little random occasionally. we stayed only briefly, gave him a kiss and told him we loved him.

i was thinking about him and his family all weekend. his wife sent a realyy wonderful heartfelt e-mail to everyone thanking them for their support and basically saying that the time for visits has come to an end, that john is really in a different place than she or any of us could ever imagine and the end is not far off. i realized then how selfish it seems to feel the need to say goodbye when someone is terminally ill. i mean, they know what's happening, and most of the time, they have come to terms with it. but for the living to feel like they have to say goodbye to get closure...i don't know, it just seems we should be focusing our energy making what is left of the lives of the terminally ill comfortable, what ever that means.

without saying the words 'good bye' to john, i feel now like that's what i did on friday when i kissed him and told him i loved him. from this point on, it's more important to me to keep an eye out for lisa and their three kids. they are the ones who will need our support most of all. when i came to this realization, i finally was able to cry for john, lisa and their family. it hadn't happened before, which i blame on the unfortunate fact that i have already had to deal with death a few times in the last 3-4 months. i think it was also because, until this weekend, i hadn't yet had my closure on john's battle with cancer, even though he's alive. it's still going to be tough when he dies, there's no doubt, but i think i'll be able to be a little stronger when it comes.

you may not share my opinion on all of this, but i can tell you that thinking it through and typing it all out has helped me (excuse the typos and gramatical errors-this is a stream of conciousness type of thing). hopefully, it may help someone else in the same situation.

but i digress...

anybody want to buy a bike rack and some baggage?

Thursday, July 17, 2003

a person has to have goals

for the first time in 2 weeks, i managed NOT to eat my weight in chex party mix for a snack at work this morning. i think i've broken the cycle of addiction.

if you touch the 'fro, you've got to go.

since our brain power was at a minimum last night, we decided to rent a movie and be entertained. i give the sol-lid award to undercover brother . it was so totally campy and had a great 70's soundtrack that i might have to add to my collection. word.


going to see the strokes at the cool club? print this out and take it with you. fabulous prizes could be yours...

kaballah to the left and kaballah to the right...

my name is madonna, miss esther if you're kaballah

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

the life and times of the sleep deprived

okay, so, admittedly, i am not functioning at full brain capacity today. and even when i am, i will always find something by mark morford in the sfgate morning fix amusing. but today, the combination of sleep deprivation and this little summary of a news story about newly discovered oil fields in iran very nearly had me in convulsions:

Whoa Whoops No No Totally Kidding About The Oil Thing
Iran has discovered three new giant oil fields with estimated reserves of 38 billion barrels. Abolhasan Khamoushi, director of Iran's Oil Development and Engineering Company, said that the new fields were discovered near the port city of Bushehr in southern Iran. Upon hearing the news, Dick Cheney, who was just finishing a meal consisting of the lightly breaded intestines of small Bangladeshi children, raw kitten parts, and fried yams, did a nice spit-take of wine, wiped his mouth with his bib of baby seal skin, and quickly shuffled off to Rumsfeld's dungeon to discuss just how badly the Iranian people desperately needed some badass US-style "liberation." Iran, realizing its mistake, immediately issued a new press release to clarify its findings. "Crude oil? Did we say crude oil? No no no no no. *Baby* oil. *That's* what it is! Big huge fields of it! Totally useless to big American warmongering nation except for treatment of rough skin! No crude oil at all here! Just happy innocent bunnies and piles of yucky sand and by the way it smells really bad here too! Totally stinky! Hot and stinky and gross and dirty you *so* don't want to come here! Everybody has mysterious contagious rash too by the way yes! Very itchy and scabby and icky like pus! Plus we have really bad cable! 'Sopranos' three seasons old! Avoid! Psst we hear Venezuela is very very nice this time of year and is totally overflowing with much crude oil! All ready for bombin'! Just FYI!"

for the ultimate gardener

bored with that ol' backyard garden? try something new!

Monday, July 14, 2003

blow what?

this seems like a valid question to me...

Monday, July 07, 2003

the supremes

this story on NPR this morning is an excellent look at the supreme court, it's individual's views, and a couple of recent decisions regarding affirmative action and the sodomy law in texas. i HIGHLY urge you to listen, if you can...


i'm back, did you miss me? we had a fabulous time in italy. the bonus of which, for me, was that even thought i scarfed many meals of pasta with cream sauce, as well as vino rosso, schiacterra (yummy, highly alcoholic dessert wine) and limoncello (italian lemon liquer), i ended up weighing LESS when i came back than when i left.

i read 4 and a half new yorkers and 3 books: the davinci code, the secret life of bees, and one of my new favorites that i'd never read before, to kill a mockingbird. i liked to kill a mockingbird so much, i'm considering harper for a girls name when we get going on the sibling project.

at some point in the next week, i'll have a long post about the trip on the family blog, and i don't want to have to do it twice, so you'll be able to read about it over there.

in the meantime, read this. and here's a great karma story about trees: there was this guy in carmel who built a house right on the coast with a view of the ocean that was blocked by some monterey cypress. he tried everything he could it surreptitiously kill the trees (nails, posion, etc) and nothing worked. AND he got in trouble by the city for doing it. one day sometime later he was hiking in the wilderness on a trail and lo and behold, a tree fell on him and he died. the moral of the story? don't mess with the trees-they have a worldwide gang and payback's a bitch.