Friday, October 28, 2005

current events

from wonkette:

NBC (and apparently BBC) are reporting that Karl Rove has been told/has told friends/someone mentioned it over coffee that he's not being indicted today.

Like we can believe anything that fucker says.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

total downer

i worked monday this week, which i don't usually do. my brain is convinced that it's friday, because i've put in my usual 4 days of work already this week. i just now realized that yes, indeed, i do have to come into work tomorrow and i don't get to sleep in.


it's a groove thang

yesterday in my hip-hop aerobics class we did some floor moves.

i now have bruises on my knees like you wouldn't believe. they even hurt when i walk.

i am that dedicated to getting some funk in me.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


just a quick note to say that i made more merry this weekend than i have in a long long time. our former neighbor in palo alto, stacey, came into town with her boyfriend for brian's 50th birthday bash and we settled into old habits (martinis, single malt scotch, lots of wine) like no time had passed. i was smart about it and drank a ton of water, so never suffered from the cocktail flu. and we did manage to get one game of dominos in last night despite the fact taht it was past our bedtimw when we drew the first tile.

i now have 4 days to detox with massive amounts of water, 'light' fare and early bedtimes until brian's mom arrives and we have a week of wine, rich foods and late nights.