Monday, September 15, 2003


so i got my hair cut last thursday. even tho i've been trying to grow my hair out, i've been let down by a series of pretty crappy haircuts, and i was feeling the need for a change. so anyway, i got a bunch of it lopped off. while my hair is not winnona ryder or sharon stone short, it is a cute little bob kind of deal, not much longer than my chin. it's shorter than i wanted, but hey, i was bored with the long hair and was looking for a change, so i can't really say much.

but here's the kicker: i probably got 3-4 inches cut off my hair and only a few people have noticed. not that i expect everyone to notice and/or comment, but it seemed to be a pretty significant change to me-at least worth a 'hey, you got your haircut!' courtesy line, even if they didn't like it.

the upside: my hair is showing more curl/wave now that there's less of it-hooray!


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