Monday, September 08, 2003

the best burger i have ever eaten in my life, and i made it myself!

i am making myself hungry by thinking way too much about the burgers i made last night for dinner. quite by accident, they turned out to be a sort of gourmet affair that was too yummy for words. i'll try to descibe it anyway.

mixed with the ground beef before cooking was celery salt, black pepper, thyme, a blob of cheap bbq sauce, a dash of worchestershire sauce, and smushed garlic cloves. all that was then mixed and formed into patties and cooked over kosher salt in a pan on the stove.

once on the plate, the burgers were topped with horseradish chevre (yes, that's right, horseradish chevre), roasted red and yellow bell peppers and grilled onions.

holy smokes, it was good. you'd almost think that that many different tastes would be too much to handle all at once, but i'm here to tell you it was deeee-lectable. come on over, i'd be happy to make more!


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