Monday, July 07, 2003


i'm back, did you miss me? we had a fabulous time in italy. the bonus of which, for me, was that even thought i scarfed many meals of pasta with cream sauce, as well as vino rosso, schiacterra (yummy, highly alcoholic dessert wine) and limoncello (italian lemon liquer), i ended up weighing LESS when i came back than when i left.

i read 4 and a half new yorkers and 3 books: the davinci code, the secret life of bees, and one of my new favorites that i'd never read before, to kill a mockingbird. i liked to kill a mockingbird so much, i'm considering harper for a girls name when we get going on the sibling project.

at some point in the next week, i'll have a long post about the trip on the family blog, and i don't want to have to do it twice, so you'll be able to read about it over there.

in the meantime, read this. and here's a great karma story about trees: there was this guy in carmel who built a house right on the coast with a view of the ocean that was blocked by some monterey cypress. he tried everything he could it surreptitiously kill the trees (nails, posion, etc) and nothing worked. AND he got in trouble by the city for doing it. one day sometime later he was hiking in the wilderness on a trail and lo and behold, a tree fell on him and he died. the moral of the story? don't mess with the trees-they have a worldwide gang and payback's a bitch.


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