Thursday, August 03, 2006

holy shit

yeah, it's been a long time. believe me when i say, my life has been up and down and sideways and around in the past few weeks. and i can't honestly say when i'll resume regular posting.

heat and humidity have done in my get up and go attitude to try and get things done. the house is a frickin' pit right now. the bills are all a little late. the garden needs weeding and the tomatoes need staking.

then there is this cold virus that i can't seem to shake. i mean seriously, i haven't felt this sick in a long time now. i almost cried out of sheer i-feel-so-shitty-right-now frustration when i was at the grocery store today (stocking up on i-feel-sick comfort foods. hey rory! chocolate pudding for dinner tonight!).

also, i got my hair cut short and i'm not so sure it was such a good idea.



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