Monday, May 01, 2006

much better now! that last post? kinda not good, huh?

i did start a new knitting project and did it because it makes me happy. fun to work with the colorway i got and so on. it's the melody scarf from morehouse merino and i'm just doing it for myself in my own sweet time. good thing about it is that it's really nothing fancy so i can do a little here, a little here. don't have to consult charts or anything. i still have a lot of projects in progress, but i'm just not going to worry about them.

i sent the girls to "school" today in an effort to spend a little time at home BY MYSELF (they normally don't go on mondays). it doesn't happen very frequently and i feel like i can get so much more done without interruptions! so today, a little computer work, a little house cleaning and a little relaxing-maybe a long hike/walk with the dog.

the weather this weekend was gorgeous. we spent a TON of time outside in the sunshine and the girls both fell asleep as soon as their little sweet heads hit the pillows last night. we had dinner with friends both nights, spent most of yesterday at brian's brother's house and then played with the neighborhood folks. a very gratifying two days.


At 12:13 PM , Blogger SDCrawford said...

I'm taking a knitting class with my mom. Wow - not so easy. Someday I think I may finish a pot holder!


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