Friday, May 12, 2006

random bits

-i'm obsessing about buying a really nice camera. i love photography but feel like i've lost my eye since getting out of the habit of taking pictures at the drop of a hat. i resisted the digital revolution for a while, always packing the digital and film cameras when we went on vacation, but now i haven't touched my trusty old nikon slr film camera for at least a year, if not more. and i'm fully entrenched in digital pictures. it probably helps that we got a new kick ass mac to view the pics on. anyhow-i'm considering a digital slr purchase sometime before the end of the year (or better yet, end of the month with birthday money!) and contemplating making portrait picture taking a part-time gig when the girls go to elementary school.

-so yeah, back there a few posts? looking back it's obvious to me that i was at a low point and my struggle with what started out as post-partum depression is definitely not over. my doctor recommended that i take meds for at least another year because i had some seasonal blues over the winter. it may turn out that i need to take them for longer, only the future can tell. i just have to remember to be really aware of my body and mind and make sure to take care of them so i don't dip quite so much. sometimes that's hard to remember when i'm also taking care of the girls, brian, the house, etc, etc, etc...

-still working on the scarf for the time being, and not looking at the pairs of unfinished socks. i am feeling that maybe i'll try to finish a pair or two that i started for other folks in the next week or so so i can get them off my to do list.

-it's pretty much supposed to rain all damn weekend (in our area, up to 4 inchs by sunday morning). hopefully, we'll just chill and not go stir crazy. make a fire in the fireplace, make some popcorn, weatch movies, knit (me only, obviously), read and other cozy activities. i'm supposed to do a 7 mile run on sunday...i may just settle for 4-5 wet miles.


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