Friday, April 21, 2006

i fall to pieces

still having the hyper brain/tired body thing going on. and i was a little down yesterday because once again, i feel a little behind on every aspect of life and I CAN'T KEEP THE HOUSE CLEAN. and i get so exhausted trying.

i try to engage rory, alix and brian in the cleaning process, but you know, they are 4, not quite 2, and a 50 year old guy, respectively.

last night, i was going to bake a cake to bring to dinner tonight at mike and laurie's house. i love my cooking and baking-it's creative and it relaxes me.

but instead of cleaning or baking, i said 'fuck it all!'* and went to bed at 8:30. i was really tired.

in other news...started a new knitting project this week , because i'm bored of the others right now and i'm contemplating starting yet another this weekend. you know, so i have lots of projects to choose from and lots of projects to get frustrated about that i haven't finished.

i am seriously considering upping my meds.

whew, this is a really cheery post, isn't it? better quit now.

* 'all' being the messes, not the members of my little nuclear family whom i love very much.


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