Wednesday, April 12, 2006

buzz buzz buzz in the drum of the ear

i've been composing a bunch of stuff in my head lately, but not committing it to blog.

i seem to be in this really strange tired and bored and at the same time kinda amped space right now. i want to do a million things or run with a million ideas that are in my brain, but when i actually think about doing it i feel kinda "ehh".

i want to write, i want to read, i want to knit, i want to run, i want to cook but none of those things which i normally enjoy doing seem terribly exciting or interesting. this may be the end of winter, but not quite yet spring blahs that seem to happen to a lot of people around these parts.

so, blah.

i'll just take it a little at a time and see what i can give you. and not leave you with radio silence for too long anymore.


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