Thursday, March 09, 2006

take advantage of me

i was chatting with a friend of mine the other day. the thing you should know about her is that she has the amazing ability to win just about any little local contest or drawing she enters, which results in some interesting prizes. most recently, she won a $200 gift certificate to the state liquor store. woohoo! cocktail party! big time!

so anyway, we were talking about her leave of absence form work-she's totally burnt on her job (social worker) and needed some time to recharge. i asked her what she's doing with her time. she rattled off a few things and also let it slip that she's trying to get into good physical shape in case she gets pregnant again (as long as i've known her, she's wanted a 3rd child; her husband is not so fervant in the belief that they should have another one).

so, i say, have you and hubby talked about it and decided to go for it? she said no.

i said, well that's what you need the $200 worth of hooch for.


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