Wednesday, February 22, 2006

nothing going on around here...

not even knitting. i cut my thumb fairly badly the other night while chopping onions for dinner and while it did not require a trip to the emergency room, i'm kinda down to one thumb at the moment.

there are a lot of things that are extremely difficult to do with one functioning thumb: knitting, typing (altho i've become fairly proficient at it now), changing a diaper, tying shoes. i could go on and on. luckily, it happened after i made val's felted mittens, so she got to take them home with her. gotta love a project i can finish in a few days. if i didn't have this thumb thing going on, i would be making a pair of felted mittens for the "mitten tree" at rory's daycare (donations of mitten for needy kids). i might still be able to do it this weekend...

i spent sunday in a total and complete funk because val went back to california that day. i LOVE having my sisters visit, but it is so hard to say goodbye to them. i cried when we dropped her at the bus stop, cried a little more on the way home and was a crabby appleton the rest of the day. and did i mention that the girls are in a mommy phase right now? if they had the option, they would probably agree to be surgically attached to me right now. and on sunday, habving a 4 year old and 1 1/2 year old follow me around like lemmings did nothing to improve my mood. i needed time to myself, damnit!

still no snow, altho they are teasing us with the possiblility of a storm over the weekend. i've heard that song and dance before.

and that concludes this utterly boring and uninteresting post.


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