Friday, November 02, 2007

post mortem

halloween with small kids is fun. it's never been a holiday that i get worked up about, but i do muster some enthusiasm for the girls. last year, i got a witch's hat and cape to wear for the next 10 years.

the local hotel/inn does a community party for the kids and this year rory was running here and there connecting with her kindergarten friends. alix pretty much just hung out underneath my witch's cape.

by the time we got home for pizza dinner (only ~4:30pm), i was a bit kid overexposed. i wished i could have 3 feet of clear space around me at all times, but i soldiered on. pizza dinner, and trick or treating in our little neighborhood. then the inevitable halloween evening meltdown in which one 5 year old completely dissolves into a puddle when being scolded about running into the street in the dark for the 3rd time in 10 minutes. that's when you call it a night!


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