Wednesday, September 19, 2007

live! from prishtina!


been working my butt off here. we're putting on a conference for ~300 health professionals thurs and friday (altho we're told it could be up to 500. YIKES!) here in prishtina, so there is lots to do.

i've done a little sight seeing on our many errands around the city and it is just amazing. i've never been to a place like this before-only visited more modern metopolitan places in europe, never been in eastern europe, never in a "third world" country.

right now i'm catching up on the rest of the world (via e-mail) and drinking a much needed beer and trying to relax before tomorrow's whirl-wind. then late friday it's off to london for the weekend before heading home.

i'll try and post some of the e-mails i've sent home at some point, but not sure that will happen before i actually get home.


At 11:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your post at the Yarnharlot. I am intruding to tell you to go to John Lewis at Oxford Street in London. The yarns, knitting needles, etc there are wonderful. It is a huge department store, I do not remember the floor..... Of course the one at Liberty is something but VERY expensive. Good luck, I envy you, Charito


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