Friday, June 22, 2007

i've got things you never seen, i've got moves i've never used

so behind. so little time. so little brain power.

i have been suffering from a mother of a cold recently which popped up after the month of parties and visitors. i am only now starting to feel like my energy is ramping up to "normal".

i've got lots to tell, and lots of pictures, and will post at some point, but i won't say when it will happen because i get myself in trouble when i promise things and can't/don't deliver.

i've also been tagged by sarah and jane for 8 things about me...hopefully i can get that together sometime soon, too.

have a good weekend-mine will be filled with laundry, house cleaning and gardening catch up.

PS-alix is VOLUNTARILY and SPONTANEOUSLY expressing interest in the potty...woohoo!

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