Tuesday, June 05, 2007

i am barely breathing...

...but in a good way!!

way too busy to do a proper post so you get bullets:
  • work is kicking my booty this week, 2 deadlines on thursday.
  • next weekend will be the 4th weekend in a row that we have something planned for both days, and in which i am either periphally or deeply involved in planning said events.
  • i got my camera last thursday and i am in love with it. i've been carting it everywhere and i'm starting to look at everything as a potential photograph. thank you nikon, for re-awakening my creativity!
  • the yarn harlot was totally hilarious and it was totally worth the 2 hour drive to northampton. other than working on a sock during her talk/lecture, i have had no time for knitting
  • i am keeping a positive mental attitude through out this week if it kills me.
  • my baby turns 3 tomorrow!

that's all for now...


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