Friday, February 09, 2007

random bits

  • we're now fully entrenched in winter with sub-zero temps even! but the ultra dry air that comes with the winter is playing its annual trick on my nose-making it so dry inside that no amount of saline solution makes it feel better. and it's painful to touch, even on the outside. sigh. this is one of my least favorite things about northeast winters so far.
  • i'm in a funk. behind in everything and the house is STILL a mess despite my best efforts otherwise and i'm feeling buried and not sure what to do about it. i'm going to demand that i get a few hours at home this weekend by myself in the hopes that i can get a few things done around the house and hopefully that will spur me on for the rest. i know one thing for sure-i've got to clean up the guest/family room as one of my sisters is coming for a visit a week from saturday. i think i'll take a day off from work next week too.
  • no time to knit either and i was really getting excited about my knitting progress on a few things. of course when i near the end of a project, my mind races with the possibilites for the next project...socks? scarf? shawl?
  • i watched one episode of da ali g show the other night and it was freaking hilarious. sasha baron cohen is a comic genius. (no i haven't seend the borat movie and don't know when i will) it's not like he's doing anything new by assuming a role and filming things in reality style, he just goes for it, 100%, no holds barred and the results are so worth it. i'm going to try and space out the veiwing of other episodes so i don't over dose on it like i did with six feet under. because now that most everybody knows about his characters, there won't be much more new stuff from them.

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