Thursday, January 25, 2007

why don't you marry it?

things i love right now:
  • i couldn't get my clogs at farmway on monday, i ordered them that afternoon from zappos. they came the NEXT DAY people. and no charge for shipping. if that doesn't rock, i don't know what does.
  • smartwool socks-we're in a cold snap right now and my smartwool socks are keeping my piggies nice and warm. and they look great with my new clogs. AND i've got some smartwool ski socks (sorry, their website is so fancy i can't link to the sock itself)which i used on monday and i LOVELOVELOVE them
  • ginger chicken with peaches and onions- i made this last night on a last minute decision for the dinner and it couldn't have been easier or more delicious. and there were leftovers! i used fresh peaches as i couldn't find any frozen ones at the local market, and it turned out fine. i meant to add some roughly chopped garlic too, but totally forgot.
  • burts bees banana hand cream-when the weather gets rilly cold around here, it also gets rilly dry and if it weren't for this hand cream, my hands would surely shrivel up and fall off my body.



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