Monday, January 22, 2007

new specs

post skiing, no shower, in the middle of financial work for brian's business by the light of the imac.

today we went to one of our favorite places to spend money, farmway. i was hoping to buy some new black clogs with christmas money, but, alas, they did not have my size (so i bought them online because i don't want to wait until farmway got them in). i did buy a ton of smart wool socks (which are the only socks that can keep my feet warm with out making them sweat), some cool pumpkin colored pants from the bargain basement and a fleece hat (can never have enough fleece here in the winter)

we then went to the skiway-rory to a lesson, me to re-learn after 10 years of not being on skis (let alone not skiing very much before that!), brian and alix to play in the lodge while rory and i were schussing.

came home to find a message from the optical shop that my glasses were ready so i piled the kids back in the car to go get them because i RILLY wanted to get my new prescription-the old one made my eyes hurt.

and now i'm in the midst of doing brian's year end stuff, and then splitting our financial files so we have separate personal and business books (something we should have done when he started the business). once this is done i will have a huge monkey off my back.

with that stuff done, i should be able to catch up in communications-like calling kelly, which i should have done long LONG ago so we can meet in person, drink coffee and hopefully, knit. and the holiday cards. still. oy.


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Chic! Edgy!


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