Thursday, February 09, 2006

sock progress: hit a snag

so i was totally cranking on the second sock and the finishing by monday was in site...then i dropped a stitch last night on my last round before turning out the light. and it wasn't just a single stitch, it was a stitch that was part of what makes the chevron pattern, which meant more stitches then dropped themselves and i would have to use some serious brain energy to fix it.

i was so tired and my eyes were burning, so i put the stitches onto a crochet hook to deal with sometime today. last night, i had no idea how to fix it, but this morning i figured it out. hope to get to it sometime today and proceed as planned-next stop: the heel flap. brian's playing hockey tonight, which means i can veg out with a dvd and the sock.

sorry still no new picture. hope to remedy soon.


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