Tuesday, January 24, 2006


for 2006 i reinstated my try-at-least-one-new-recipe-a-week resolution from a couple years ago. this time, i'm keeping track on the kitchen calendar and as long as i get 4 new recipes a months, i'll consider it done.

so far, i've tried two ginger snap/molasses cookie recipes (including one that used bacon fat instead of butter and was actually very good), a breaded pork chop recipe, a provencal stew recipe (was okay-had big pieces of orange zest in it which i didn't like, plus i had to pit a cup of nicoise olives for it-those motherfuckers are tiny!), buttermilk mashed potatoes and pasta with bacon (mmm bacon), peas, onions and ricotta.

it's pretty fun to do this and i figure i get 3 or 4 cooking magazines, i might as well use them! plus it's nice to try something different every once in a while instead of feeling like i'm in a if-this-is-tuesday-it-must-be-chicken-for-dinner kind of rut.


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