Thursday, October 30, 2003

the way i see it...

i just found this very good quote about the dilemma that the episcopal church finds itself in these days (i hesitated on using the word dilemma-i'm not sure it's exactly the right term to use, it may be too negative for a situation that i, personally, do not find to be negative). the quote came from natep, who found it in the daily telegraph:

"The lesson of the Anglican schism is that belief in one God is not nearly enough to make Christians love one another: what works is a belief in the same devil."

it really says, concisely, what i believe to be the problem with many extreme religions these days-that they don't do enough to promote the 'love one another' message of christianity and they do way too much to promote the 'if you're not like us or you don't believe the same things we do, then you're going to hell' part of it.

it really, really just makes my heart ache sometimes.


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