Tuesday, October 28, 2003

laugh until you cry

so work is super-dee-super-dee slow this week. most everyone i work with is off at conferences of some sort, and my present work load happens to be the kind that i can get done by 10 in the morning. so this morning i was delving a little deeper into some of my usual blog haunts.

mighty girl is on her honeymoon, but is posting some of her favorite entries from other blogs. so i'm checking out some of the actual blogs, because i got the time today and what else am i going to do? i come across this entry from defective yeti. i laughed so hard i had to wipe my eyes and if anyone had come by my cube at that moment, i wouldn't have been able to speak and they surely would have thought i was crying.

Brush With Disaster

This morning I was running a little late, so I tried to hurry my routine a bit. Rushing into the bathroom, I grabbed my toothbrush with my right hand and began squeezing toothpaste onto it with my other. But apparently, in my hastened and groggy state, I was unknowingly pushing down on the bristle-end of the brush with the tip of the toothpaste tube, and compensating by applying a little more "lift" to the handle end. This I discovered when the toothpaste tube slipped off the brush, the bristle-end flipped upwards, and the toothpaste catapulted directly into MY EYE! IT BURNS OH GOD HOW IT BURRRRRNS! THE BAKING SODA AND PEROXIDE ARE WHITENING AND BRIGHTING MY CORONA, DEEP CLEANING EVEN THE HARD-TO-REACH SPACES BETWEEN MY EYEBALL AND SOCKET!

I did the classic, cinematic, mook-with-a-gun-getting-shot maneuver: cried out ("Aaa!"), staggered backwards, clutched my wound and slumped into the wall, all while the dropped toothbrush dramatically clattered to the bathroom floor. It would have been just like a scene from a Mike Hammer novel if Mike Hammer had been in the business of removing tarter.

Pick your moral:

1. It is very important that all activities you perform before the consumption of coffee be done in exactly the same manner, order, and speed that they are done every morning, or ruination shall surely befall you.
2. There really ought to be a warning on toothpaste that reads "DO NOT FLIP INTO EYE!"
3. Fuckin' Tuesdays.

sometimes i wish i was as clever at writing as some of these folks...


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