Tuesday, October 28, 2003

i am the queen

since we're working with one car right now, this morning brian dropped me off at work, then took rory to daycare. and because he didn't want to have to go grocery shopping with me and The Button after work, AND he didn't have to be at work until mid morning, he decided he would do the grocery shopping before work. and let me tell you, he HATES to do grocery shopping. i gave him a semi-long list, and knowing that he might panic once he got to the store and want to get out as quickly as possible, i helpfully highlighted the absolutely necessary items so he wouldn't have to tax himself with spending more time in the store than he could handle.

so he calls me when he gets home saying he managed to get everything on the list, but then proceeds to thank me profusely over and over again for being the one that usually does the grocery shopping.

every once in a while, i think it's a good thing for him to go shopping.


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