Tuesday, August 16, 2005

cruel to be kind in the right measure

so my dad spent the night in the hospital this weekend. the simple explanation is that he was severely anemic and required 5 units of blood transfused over two days before he could go home. he's got a few follow up appts this week to try and take care of the problem.

the more complicated explanation is somewhat embarrassing and i won't go into it here. but the bottom line is that what might have caused his anemia has been going on for some time now, quite likely YEARS and for whatever reason, he has done nothing about it.

although i'm concerned and scared for him, i'm more mad than anything that he hasn't done anything so i am going to be ON HIS CASE in a major way to make sure this all gets cleared up. i don't care if he stops speaking to me because i will be such a pest. there's no excuse for letting your health go when you can do something about it.


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