Wednesday, June 15, 2005

various knitting geekery items

ITEM THE FIRST: i did my first online swap last week. i saw this post at boogaj and thought i'd give it a shot. i offered cash, OR vermont goodies (you know, syrup, king arthur flour stuff, etc) OR a combo of both. i thought FOR SURE that i wouldn't 'win' (so to speak) since this was my first try at an online swap. well, julie e-mailed me RIGHT back and said she wanted the vermont box o' goodies. off i went on my lunch break to king arthur flour to shop for someone i only know thru reading her blog. the package from her arrived monday and included the yarn plus a couple of her felted bag patterns AND an extra skein of yarn. she got her box o' goodies yesterday and we're both happy!

ITEM THE SECOND: this post about creating a stash spreadsheet totally cracked me up, partly because she's got 57 miles of yarn, people. but also because it's totally the kind of geeky spreadsheet organizational thing i would do if i ever actually had the time to get on the computer at home. my stash is fairly small, due to financial and time constraints. i'm guessing 2 miles tops. a pittance.

ITEM THE THIRD: having just admitted above that i have a small stash, i have been thinking about expanding it with a trip to kaleidescope yarns. i'm going to burlington sometime soon to make a pilgrimage to old navy for the girls (and maybe me too) and it's just a hop, skip and a jump away, i've been drooling over scarves made with these yarns from a couple of my books. but i also made a vow that i needed to finish one or two projects before i start anything new. and i need to get cracking on socks i'm making for christmas presents before i make anything for myself. right.


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