Wednesday, June 15, 2005

cross dressing

from mimismartypants:
"Nora has the "Asian" American Girl baby doll... (I put "Asian" in quotes because there really are no cues that the doll is supposed to be Asian other than the fact that she's not pink and not dark brown.) Anyway, Nora has been rather underwhelmed by this status-conscious plaything until we discovered that the doll's clothes fit Purple Dog perfectly. Purple Dog (or P-Dogg, as we sometimes call him: P to the D to the O double G!) thus spent much of a rainy afternoon wearing a diaper, a flowered long-sleeved shirt, and a lilac jumper with heart-shaped buttons. LT was completely horrified when he found out, and became even more disturbed when I made Purple Dog say in his deep Isaac Hayes voice, "Ain't nothin' wrong with a dog liking soft pretty things." Is Purple Dog on the down low? Or is it just a harmless, occasional kink? Stay tuned. "


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