Friday, September 03, 2004

so al qaeda is to blame?

peter sagal, host of one of my very favorite radio shows, has been guest blogging on adam felber's weblog, Fanatical Apathy this week. besides finding tons of yummy tidbits that dig alan keyes' hole a bit deeper (peter lives in chicago), he posted this choice entry this morning:

On NPR Just Now..

Correpondent Robert Smith was talking to a young conservative talk show host named Ben Ferguson, from Memphis, on the MSG floor.

Ferguson was talking about why young people care deeply about this election. He said something like, (and I paraphrase, from memory... when I can tomorrow, I'll post the actual transcript):

"'It used to be in this country, you'd go to college, you get out, you get a job with a six figure income. That's what you expected. But not anymore! 9/11 hit, and all the jobs went away! The terrorists destroyed the job market!' "


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