Wednesday, August 25, 2004

4 wheel drive wheelchair needed

from wonkette:

"KE04 is bringing the fight over Vietnam home today, sending former Senator Max Cleland to Bush's Crawford ranch with a letter protesting the SBVFT ads. This will be difficult; the ranch is heavily guarded, he's not exactly on the guest list and, oh yeah, someone will probably have to help him because he lost three limbs during the war and he's in a wheelchair. Subtle, no? This is the new Kerry campaign in action and we love it. We look forward to someone guiding an Alzheimer's patient to the ranch to deliver a letter supporting stem cell research, dispatching indigent child laborers to diseminate the white paper protesting the new Bush-approved overtime regulations and perhaps someone could demand that Bush admit he misled the country about going to war in Iraq or else we'll have to shoot a puppy."

(actual story from reuters)


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