Wednesday, February 18, 2004

want a hummer?

so, you think SUVs are safe? think again.

there was a time when i thought i might want a jeep grand cherokee (and honestly, they are still a little appealing), but i was never enamoured of the expedition, or any of its like. lincoln navigator? puleez. my dream car is another volkswagon-the passat wagon. although those touaregs are also looking tempting...and i think they don't have the truck chassis of the big monsters, so that's a good thing.

UPDATE: my friend sarah just told me NPR reported that the VW Toureg is the worst car for the environment - has more toxic emissions than ANY other car made - not just in its class. not that i'm buying a car anytime soon, but i think if i were, it would NOT be the touareg.


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