Tuesday, February 17, 2004

please don't take this the wrong way

i would give up my left eyeball right now to be able to fit into my cute little NON MATERNITY jeans and some cute little NON MATERNITY shirt.

let me explain. when you're pregnant, you go happily along gaining weight and girth while your little offspring is growing and kicking inside you. along the way, there are some points where you reach some magical cosmic marker in the intergalatic pregnancy rules and it just tips you over from feeling fertile and ripe and glowy to feeling like you're a beached whale. i've had a couple of those instances in the recent past, and had another one more this morning. i was bending over to do something and my stomach was just so IN-THE-WAY that i got a little pissed.

i'm at the point where i'm gaining about a pound a week, so it's very possible these moments may increase in frequency from here on out. of course, the ability to bend over to do seomthing will drastically decrease in frequency at the same time.

i just want to point out-it's not that i'm unhappy that i'm pregnant-i'm super excited and can't wait to meet the little guy or gal when he or she decides it's time. it's just that the second pregnancy is not the time of wonder that the first one was. it's just something i'm going through to get another happy result.

i do still totally dig feeling and watching the baby kick. it's a mega-surreal experience.


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