Tuesday, February 17, 2004

2004 resolution report, week 7

get this: i managed to try THREE new recipes last week. of course, i have no idea what i'm going to do this week, but that's beside the point because on of last weeks recipes was kinda hard and i'm still basking in the success of that one.

i made 2 recipes from a friend's cookbook: easy tortilla soup and greek rice salad. these recipes took no time at all to make and were almost dissapointing in their simplicity. but since i made them on a weeknight, i didn't really mind all that much, plus we had soup and rice salald left over for dinners and lunches for a few days...

friday night, we had a couple of the neighbors over to NOT celebrate a birthday (our next door neighbor doesn't like to make a big fuss-'it's jus like any other day!' she says). so i decided to make soemthing special-a chocolate souffle-for dessert. i know it would be labor intensive and time consuming, and i think somewhere in the back of my mind i knew there is a possibility that souffles can fail miserably, but i hadn't considered the fact that this souffle could fail until our neighbor mentioned that she had never had any success with souffles and had given up trying. then, i got nervous. so i did everything very very carefully, worried about whether i'd done everything, especially the egg whites, correctly, and voila! it all came together and was yummy and lovely and puffy. the cool thing about it is that it tastes like warm chocolate mousse, but doesn't have all the cream and stuff that mousse has, so it's not quite as rich. and let me tell you-warm chocolate souffle with a little dab of creamy, cool freshly whipped cream is TO-DIE-FOR. take my word for it. brian said if i make it for his dad sometime, he would shit twice and die.


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