Thursday, February 05, 2004

2004 resolution report, week 5 (i almost forgot!)

i made polenta mushroom pie from the moosewood lowfat cookbook. although i've made polenta in the past and it seemed a little time consuming, this was easy. plus it made enough for left overs for a few days. my sister had made it and told me about it, so i thought i'd try it.

2004 resolution report, week 6

tuesday night this week, i made real spaghetti carbonera (sorry, no link, but you can find it in lots of cookbooks). a real peasant-y italian pasta dish-basically spaghetti with bacon and eggs mixed in. it turned out pretty well and pretty tasty, a little dry though. i think next time i might add a little butter at the end so the pasta isn't so dry.

i got this recipe in so early this week that i might have time for another one or even two (!) new recipes this weekend. partly also because the weather is supposed to be fairly crappy tomorrow and maybe saturday, giving me some time at home to play with my food.


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