Wednesday, August 13, 2003

nobody here but us servantless american cooks...

one of my very favorite blogs has a very nice article written about it in today's NYT. i LOVE reading about what Julie's cooking and how she did it, and her writing style is great.

i've wanted to add mastering the art of french cooking to my cookbook library for years and i might just have to do it now. i already have 3 julie child cookbooks that i love and use frequently. during the summer, i'm not terribly adventuresome in trying out new foods or recipes, especially when it's 85 degrees and above 90% humidity and all i want is a salad. it seems easier to do in the winter when there's not as much to do outside. i hope to be able to try a couple new recipes per week starting this weekend. i'm planning on steamed mussels, salad and some sort of wonderful dessert. wanna come for dinner?


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