Monday, June 16, 2003

get down with your bad self

in the last few months, i have had to think about and deal with death and dying more than any other time in my life. so recently, when i was in the car trying to blow off some steam and blasting the disco/hip hop music, i decided what kind of funeral i want when i die. (i've told brian, but i'm counting on you guys to remember and to help him follow through)

i want to have the usual memorial kind of service because it's good closure and a good time to get the crying out. but in addition to that, i want a dance. (if i live to a ripe old age, this very likely may not happen, as getting down with wheel chairs and walkers might be a little difficult.) but if you are all able, i want you to get together, buy or rent the biggest speakers you can find, play some hip hop, dicso and old school funk, blast the mothers out, and dance your asses off in my memory. and i want the first and last song to be the best of my love by the emotions. do this in remembrance of me


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