Friday, June 13, 2003

ciao italia!

in 4 short days we will be on our way to logan airport where we will board a plane for italy. i'm soooo looking forward to warm (not rainy) weather, italian beaches, gelato, pesto, ensalta caprese, great art and other fine features of italian vacations.

one of the highlight of last years trip was when barbara got mad at michael for something during dinner one night and threw the water in her glass (not, mind you, the actual glass itself) at a plant and managed to also splash a fine example of eurotrash sitting nearby. it was all zoe could do to keep from laughing as she surreptitiously looked at the guy to see what he would do (which was nothing). at least barb and michael and everyone else could laugh about it the next day.

so we're going to cinque terra for a week (beaches, pesto, sweet 18% alcohol desert wine) and then to florence for a week (great art, including michelangelo's david, shopping). i plan on coming back completely relaxed.

and you'll have excuse me if i don't post any more until after we return-i haven't done any laundry, started any packing, or even figured out what rory is going to wear while we're there. i've got a lot to do.


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