Monday, February 10, 2003

generation gap

it's happened.

i've joined the classic fit/boot cut crowd.

for the longest time, i resisted. couldn't for the life of me understand why people wanted to wear what looked like bell bottoms (which i never really liked). but then i tried a pair. while not the most flattering pants i (or more than a few other folks) could wear, they don't look bad (esp now that i've actually started to get my pre-baby figure back). they aren't quite as drastic as the bell bottoms i remember from junior high, they go well with chunky shoes and boots, and my god, they are comfortable. so now, i want to go out and buy a bunch of pants that i can't really afford right now-especially with property taxes due at the end of the week. i have all these straight legged pants to wear, but i feel so hopelessly out of style when i wear them (even tho i still like the cut). stuck in a fashion dilemma.


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