Tuesday, January 28, 2003

union of the state

so tonight we will listen to the state of the union address on npr (since we don't have a cable connection any longer). that's okay because if i had to actually listen to gw's voice and look at his face, i'm not sure i would make it through the whole speech. as it is, his voice, inflection, and down-home delivery sometimes make me want to throw up. i still may not make it all the way through, but i'll probably last a little longer.

but i'm curious to listen to what what he says about the impending war in/on iraq. i mean-tons of people (and countries) are against it, but i'm convinced he will have his war one way or another. i'm very curious to listen to what he says try to to justify it.

interestingly enough, i was reading an article in a new yorker mag about how this guy did this huge internet survey to find the funniest joke. previously, the same man did a research project to figure out in what instance can people most detect that someone is lying-in person, tv or radio. radio won. after i read that, i couldn't WAIT to listen to the shrub on the radio again. HA!

sometimes, my disgust with our president amazes even me. i've never felt this way about other republicans. i mean, yeah, they bug me, and their pontificating about family values, reducing taxes for the wealthy, right to life, etc., makes me want to hurl, but they don't make me nearly as angry as gw does occaisionally.


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