Thursday, February 06, 2003

movie review

just saw about a boy last night. you know, nick hornby books seem to translate well to the screen. they are about real people with real conversations and problems and references to real things in our (or the UK's) culture, so they don't seem as brain candy-ish as some other films. and who would have thought that hugh grant could have so convincingly played will? anyway, this reviewer gives it a thumbs up.

i got simon burch for tonight. it's based on one of my most favorite books in the whole wide world, a prayer for owen meany by john irving. i hesitated for a long, long time before deciding to see it because i loved the book so much-often that means the movie will be disappointing. but i've heard a few good things about the movie, so i'm will to watch it with and open mind. and then when i get the chance, i'll probably read the book again.


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