Friday, November 16, 2007

list for friday

because i got nothing else right now except these random bits...
  • snow today! just a little bit but that's much better than last year when the girls were wearing rain boots well into january
  • TMI: why oh why did i get scented tampons? i didn't realize until it was too late (box ripped open to put in feminie product drawer in the bathroom at home) and just thinking about using them is kinda grossing me out.
  • hockey game tonight!
  • dinner with friends tomorrow night! at their house! i don't have to cook! last time we dined with these particular friends i was talked into a SECOND vodka gimlet before dinner, which is normally a no-no and i totally paid for it in the middle of the night. despite the fact that this couple are utterly charming and fun, i'm afraid for myself. help me.
  • as of this week, i'm working one less day a week until the end of the year and hope to get my house and life in gear (or mostly in gear) with that extra day alone at home.


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